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"Spending Your IT Budget Wisely"

     Successful Business Owners must be frugal and smart with every Expense in order to remain Profitable in today’s economy.  Therefore, Business Owners must make wise choices when it comes to their usage and spending on technology. Unfortunately, most Small/Mid-Sized Businesses do not possess the necessary level of expertise to effectively Select, Implement, and Maintain their Technology Resources.

     Some Businesses choose to Outsource their entire IT Function to a Third-Party Service Provider to alleviate the burden of administering it themselves.  Others choose to rely on "Off-the-Shelf" software and “Public” Cloud Computing Services.   The challenge for any Business Owner is evaluating their ROI on these investments and ensuring that they are spending their IT Budgets wisely.

Where Are Your IT Dollars Going?

     Every Business relies on technology to operate - computers, servers, networks, software, telecommunications, and the internet.  Surprisingly, proper Fiscal Management of these resources is one area in which Small Business Owners are often lax.  Businesses "Balance" their Financial Records on a monthly basis; but how often do Businesses report on their Technology Usage (e.g. # of Licenses and Access Accounts, Available Storage Space)?

     It is very easy to lose focus and visibility of Technology Spending during the course of normal Business Operations. Many Cloud Computing Services are billed directly to a Credit Card and change Contract and Pricing Terms on a yearly basis.  Online Services are purchased, but not cancelled when no longer needed.  Software can be installed on multiple systems without adhering to the proper Licensing Terms and Conditions.  Companies may also pay unnecessary higher fees for Hardware, Software, and Extended Warranties through Third-Party Vendors.

Who's Side are Your Service Providers On?

     A recent survey of local Small Business Owners conducted by Balentech showed that most of those businesses surveyed Outsourced a significant portion of their IT Operations, specifically administering and monitoring their network, servers, and desktops and handling data backups.  A majority of those surveyed indicated that they were satisfied with the Level of Service; however, they were not entirely sure of the true Valuation of those Services, only their Monthly Fees.  In addition, they were unable to confirm if their Providers were following all Best Practices for IT Service Management.

     If a Business Owner is considering utilizing a Service Provider to manage their IT Infrastructure and Systems, or has not performed a Yearly Audit of their Vendors, they must properly evaluate those Providers’ capabilities before signing a long-term contract.  Firms, like Balentech, can provide an "Impartial Independent Evaluation" of the Technical Needs of the Client and the Capabilities and Limitations of their Providers.  They can also help identify potential Vendors, manage the RFP Process, negotiate the Service Pricing, and oversee the implementation efforts on behalf of the Client.

When to Invest in Technology?

     A Business’ level of Technology should directly reflect their current Business and Financial Maturity.  Without the proper guidance, Businesses may underestimate their Technical Needs, unnecessarily pad the Profit Margins of their Service Providers, or risk the loss of their Intellectual Property and Core Customer Data.

     Improper Use of Technology is not an acceptable excuse for missing an important Business Opportunity.  Balentech will reduce your Operational Costs and increase your ROI on Technology Spending.  We will develop your Business’ Technology Roadmap, identifying each major Growth Step, Trigger Points, and Estimated Costs, accurately projecting your Future IT Spending.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you organize your IT Spending or help select the right Service Provider, please Contact Us.
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