Balentech, Inc. specializes in providing Outsourced CIO / CTO services to Small / Mid-Sized Businesses across the Mid-Atlantic.

We help businesses Improve Profitability through the upgrade of IT Infrastructures, Software Development, Process Improvement, Technology Fiscal Management, and Education of IT Best Practices.

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How We Help

How We Help

"Spending Your IT Budget Wisely"

     Successful Business Owners must be frugal and smart with any expense in order to remain profitable in today's economy.  Therefore, it is important for Business Owners to make wise choices when it comes to their usage and spending on technology. Unfortunately, most Small/Mid-Sized Businesses do not possess the necessary level of expertise to effectively Select, Implement, and Maintain their Technology Resources.

     Some Businesses choose to outsource their entire IT Function to a Third-Party Service Provider to alleviate the burden of IT.  Others choose to rely on "Off-the-Shelf" software and "Public" Cloud Computing Services.   The challenge for any Business Owner is evaluating their ROI on these investments and ensuring they are spending their IT Budgets wisely.    read more...

"How are You Leveraging the Cloud?"

     Experts are predicting that by the year 2014, U.S. companies will spend over USD 13 Billion on Cloud Computing Services. Due to the significant cost reduction obtained over maintaining on-site infrastructures, Cloud Computing Services provide Small/Mid-Sized Businesses with a financial smart option to managing their business.

     However, most Business Owners without large dedicated IT Departments are not aware of all of the Cloud Computing Service options available to them, the proper way to leverage these Services, and the Security Risks associated with running their business online.   read more...


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  • Mar 2012 - Balentech takes over IT Management role for Ace Wire Spring & Form
  • Dec 2011 - Balentech provides Advisory services to CommuniTeach
  • Oct 2011 - Balentech joins Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Sep 2011 - Balentech launches its new Website!!!
  • Jan 2011 - Balentech signs on board with VLN Partners to support their National Expansion
  • Aug 2010 - Aquion Energy engages Balentech to enhance their R&D Facility
  • Apr 2010 - Balentech becomes a member of the Pittsburgh Technology Council
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